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Zakros - Kato Zakros , Sitia, Eastern Crete


Zakros. One of the most picturesque villages of Crete, Zakros is located at the end of the road from Sitia to tZakros Gorgehe easternpart of the island, 38km away from Sitia and 19,5km from Palekastro. It has 750 inhabitants, farmers, producing olive oil of excelent quality, stock breeders and fishermen.The village can be accessed from Sitia following the road to Palekastro- Zakros. There is regular public bus transportation from Sitia to Zakros.
During the summer many cultural events are taking place in the central square of the village, attracting many visitors.
The landscape is characterized by rich vegetation, due to the numerous springs of the area, while watermills were built in some of them.
W ithin a few distance from the village of Zakros, starts the Gorge, which ends at the bay of Kato Zakros, almost near the Palace area. This gorge is of outstanding beauty, with large caves in its walls.The spring in Zakros village
In those caves were discovered tombs from the Minoan period, and finds of great archaeological importance. That is the reason why the caves are named "The Caves of Deads" and the gorge "The Gorge of Deads".

Kato Zakros. The village of Kato Zakros is located at the bay of Zakros 7km away from the village of Zakros and 42km from Sitia. Here in 1961 a great Greek archaeoligist N.Platon unearthed the fourth largest Minoan Palace.
There are some taverns and bars available for the visitors as well as a few rooms for rent.

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